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Obama’s home affordable modification program or HAMP has been up for barbs. Millions of homeowners have been denied financial assistance through this federal initiative for the past few months. While many have demanded scrapping of the entire government plan, some others have called for retooling the HAMP since it still has the potential to greatly benefit struggling borrowers who have been faced with unmanageable mortgage debts.

Re-Apply and Qualify Tody For Home Affordable Modification Program

There has been little doubts that the home affordable modification program or HAMP has helped millions of struggling homeowners across the United States in saving their at risk homes. The HAMP, which has been used by premier money lending institutions, has successfully provided permanent mortgage loan modifications to distressed borrowers through reduction in interest rates as well as extension of home loan durations. Nevertheless, the Home Affordable Modification Program may not be entirely spot-on and there could be few issues related to it that need to be addressed. The matter assumes significance in the light of continuing housing problems and prevailing employment scenario faced by home makers.

If reports are to be believed, just one in four applicants has been successful in getting a HAMP home loan modification approval. And even those, who have been offered a trial or permanent mortgage assistance, continue to be plagued by troubles that are unique to their specific financial situations. However, there could be some borrowers whose applications have got denied because of not submitting the correct and accurate documentation along with their requests. Most of these individuals, who were deprived of home loan assistance, have been victims of their inability to provide proof for verifiable monthly incomes or were in imminent danger of defaulting even on their modified monthly installments.

In any case, it could be important for you to seek help from a competent loan modification attorney, who is thoroughly well versed with the HAMP eligibility guidelines and process requirements, when you are considering applying for the HAMP plan. This has been felt because many homeowners have had troubles in dealing with their mortgage servicers as well. But there is some good news on the mortgage front. The number of in-house home loan modifications provided by lenders has simply outpaced the number of federal loan modifications. Therefore, homeowners, who have been hitherto unable to get their home mortgages modified through the HAMP, could take advantage of lender provided modification alternatives.

Most of the borrowers who apply for the federal loan modification program often treat the government initiative to be more of a preventive option in case their finances become tight and there is a fear of missing some monthly mortgage payments. But the Obama or HAMP loan modification rules and regulations make it mandatory for a borrower to demonstrate his financial hardship situation or else there is a real chance of disqualification. That is precisely the reason why you need to seek the assistance from a HUD approved credit counselor when you are considering applying for the HAMP as it enables you to explore ways to reduce your monthly spending and save money rather than go through the rigors of entire HAMP loan modification procedure only to be denied.

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